How to Treat Vertigo at Home (Video Included)

The YouTube sensation, Health Specialist Kathy Walsh came up with a way to treat vertigo at home.

Walsh is a specialist at the University of Colorado Hospital. She uploaded her idea on YouTube in 2012, and since then she has reached 2.6 million views.

You can follow her guides on YouTube.


Vertigo is an infection in the ear that causes the inner nerves to be inflamed. Therefore, the body loses the sense of balance.

This infection can be connected with many problems like brain problems, stroke, head, neck injury, or even migraine medication.

Symptoms of Vertigo

  • tilting
  • swaying
  • spinning
  • lack of balance
  • vomiting
  • abnormal eye movements
  • ringing in the ears or hearing loss

These symptoms have a different duration. Some can last for a few minutes while other for hours. Even so, they can go away.

Vertigo Treatment

Some people can go without any treatment because these symptoms go away after some time. However, the treatment may vary from person to person, and how their brain can adapt.

Because of how problematic this infection is, Kathy Walsh created these videos in the hope of solving the problems many people face on a daily basis.

Kathy Walsh’s Treatment

  1. Start by putting your head upside down and look at the ceiling. While you are holding that position, turn only the face towards your left elbow.
  2. When you become dizzy raise your head to the level of your back.
  3. After you feel dizzy again, change your position fast and sit.

This exercise is now viewed 2 million times on YouTube

Kathy Walsh says she is not used to the fame yet. Nevertheless, the Associate professor at the University of Colorado is one of the most popular medicines professional out there.

Even people from Paris and Saudi Arabia tell how grateful they are to Walsh for publishing that video. Walsh says that their comments and gratitude made her immensely happy.

If you suffer from this infection, make sure to visit Walsh’s page and treat the problem.

Source: Healthy Holistic Living | WEB MD | CBS Denver