23 Common Emotions That Everyone Feels but Hides from Others

Nowadays not many people are open about their emotions. Most people do not feel free to express their emotions, simply because they believe that by doing that they shall can make a wrong turn and be misunderstood.

When people discuss their emotions, they only say a few words, and usually, they carefully select these words. And most people believe that their emotions are different in comparison to other people and that one else has them, and so they choose to stay quiet about them.

However, the truth is different. People simply do not talk about it. You will be surprised to find out that probably most of the emotions you had and that you believe are unique are usually the most common ones.

When there is no word for what you are trying to say, that is called exulansis. Sometimes it is frustrating when we feel more, and we are not able to express that in words.

The writer, John Koening, wrote a book with the words for the feelings. It is called the Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows.

Here Is a List of 23 Hidden Emotions:

1. Chrysalism

This is a feeling of amniotic tranquility which you usually experience when you are indoors when there is a thunderstorm.

2. Andronitis

The sense of frustration for the fact that it takes long to really get to know someone.

3. Sonder

Realizing that every person that passes by has a complex and vivid life just like you do.

4. Monachopsis

Persistent and subtle feeling that you are out of place.

5. Rubatosis

Being aware of your heartbeat.

6. Nodus Tollens

Realizing that the plot of your own life makes no sense to you anymore.

7. Exulansis

When you stop talking about your own experience, simply because the people you are having the conversation with won’t be able to relate.

8. Rϋckkehrunruhe

The feeling you get when you return home after a long trip, and that fades fast from your awareness.

9. Vellichor

Feeling wistfulness and you get this feeling when you find yourself in used bookshops.

10. Jouska

This word is used to describe the feeling when you make a hypothetical conversation in your head.

11. Kenopsia

The atmosphere of a place that is eerie and forlorn. Usually full of people, but at the moment it is quiet and abandoned.

12. Opia

The intensity when you look someone directly in the eyes and when at the same time you feel vulnerable and invasive.

13. Vemodalen

This word is used to explain the frustration when you photograph something amazing, and still, thousand identical photos exist already.

14. Kuebiko

When you feel exhausted by the acts of violence that are usually senseless.

15. Anecdoche

When everybody is talking, and yet no one is listening.

16. Liberosis

When you want not to care as much as you do about certain things.

17. Énouement

Feeling bittersweet for being in the future and witnessing how are things, but you are not able to tell to yourself in the past.

18. Onism

Feeling frustrated that you are stuck in one body,and that you can only be at one place at a time.

19. Altschemerz

Having the same issues such as the same anxieties and flaws for years.

20. Mauerbauertraurigkeit

The inexplicable urge to push close people away.

21. Ellipsism

Feeling sad that you won’t find out how history will turn out and things are going to end.

22. Lachesism

The desire to experience a disaster such as to lose everything you possess in fire or to survive a plane crash or something similar.

23. Occhiolism

To be aware of the smallness of your perspective on things.

Source Soul Spot | James M Sama