Did You Know That You Can Detox Your Body Through Your Feet?

Have you ever heard of this strange technique, detoxing your body through your feet? As weird as it may sound, it is still possible. That is because our feet have energy zones that are closely linked with our organ system.

But how can you remove toxins through your feet?

Foot Detox Pads

These pads are ideal for this method. Besides, you only need to use them while you sleep, so in the morning your body will be cleansed of all the toxins. Moreover, you can find these pads in all the health stores.

Ionic Foot Bath

This foot bath can help get rid of the toxins in your system. But, for it to work, you will need to open your pores with salt and warm water. The reason behind this is because the salt has anti-inflammatory properties. This creates a chemical reaction in the body based on electrolysis.

While your feet are submerged make sure you watch how the water color changes. If it becomes dark, it means that you succeeded and got rid of the toxins in your body. The ions you absorbed helped you cleanse the body.

Recipes for Detox Bath

1.Salt Detox Bath

  • Epsom Salt – 1 cup
  • Sea salt – 1 cup
  • Baking soda – 2 cups
  • Essential oil (you choose what kind)

Start by boiling all the ingredients in water until they dissolve. Afterward, in your warm tub add some apple cider vinegar and the mixture you prepared with the ingredients above. After you take a long bath, you may feel tired and weak, but don’t be afraid.

This is how the mixture works and raises magnesium, detoxes the body and soothes the skin.

2.Clay Detox Bath

  • Epsom salt – 1/2 cup
  • Essential oil (you choose what kind)
  • Bentonite clay – 1/2 cup

Let the Epsom salt and essential oils dissolve in hot water. By adding a little water at a time, mix the mixture until it becomes something like clay. However, make sure you don’t use a metal spoon to mix this.

3.Oxygen Detox Bath

  • 1 cups of Hydrogen peroxide
  • 1 tbsp of dried ginger powder

If you put these two ingredients together in a tub with hot water, they will help you make the skin smoother and look gorgeous.

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