Stop Consuming Bleached Chinese Garlic and Learn The 3 Ways to Identify American Garlic

Garlic is an ingredient that we use in our kitchen regularly. We add it to salads, meals and salad dressings. But there are 3 unknown facts about garlic. The fact no. 1 is that 80 % of the garlic sold worldwide actually comes from China.

Fact no.2 is that in 2014 in the USA there were 138 million pounds of garlic imported. Fact no.3 that trend of imported Chinese garlic is growing. And this is not something that you have to neglect because the Chinese garlic is full of harmful pesticides and is also heavily bleached.

And you should be aware what you and your loved ones consume.

Understand The Garlic Issue

Most Americans believe that the garlic they consume is from California, as previously the garlic came from there. And because  Gilroy, California was previously the largest supplier, it was proclaimed as the capital of garlic in the world.

However, it did not stay like that for too long. The production of the Chinese garlic is cheaper. And that is why the USA started importing it, because of its cheap price. And China previously has been in controversy with safety and food.

With the use of chlorine, they bleach the garlic, also it is full of pesticides. The more severe fact is that the garlic is grown in untreated sewage water and it is also known that sometimes is contaminated with nothing less but lead.

When the garlic is pulled out the soil, there are natural dirt stains that they cover up with bleach. The bleaching causes the garlic to stop sprouting and it also kills the insects and makes the Chinese garlic whiter says Henry Bell from the Australian Garlic Industry Association.

Furthermore, it is usually fumigated with methyl bromide which is a deadly toxin. And also you should know that, when this toxin is in high doses, it can cause damage to your central nervous system i.e. CNS and also to your respiratory system.

According to the UN, this toxin in comparison to the chlorine is 60 times more dangerous and harmful. And then you cannot help but wonder “ Is saving couple dollars on Chinese imported garlic more significant than our health and the health of our beloved ones?”

3 Ways You Can Differentiate the Chinese From American Garlic

1. Different Flavor

This might be a hard way for you to differentiate the garlic. However, some chefs say they actually know if the garlic is Chinese, even in cases when it is mixed with other things. How are they able to do that? The chefs say that the Chinese garlic has a metallic taste.

And this might make sense, simply because of its allicin level, that is the compound that leads to the taste and smell of the garlic. The garlic from America has 4400 parts per million i.e. ppm. And in comparison, the garlic from China has 3500 parts per million i.e. ppm.

2. Difference in Weight

The content of the American garlic is with less water in comparison to the garlic from China. The garlic from China is 37 % solid, while the American garlic is 24 % solid.

So next time you purchase garlic, test it yourself. Just squeeze its bulb. The crucial thing you need to have on your mind is that when the garlic is firm, then it is fine.

3. Roots Leftover

There are few import regulations when it comes to Chinese garlic. And, one of the rules is that this garlic cannot have a root. The farmers from China need to remove the root to prevent particular soil born diseases and illnesses to enter the country.

And another important fact is that the farmers in America don’t need to take out the root. Sure, most of the garlic in the USA is actually imported, but now that you know this you can choose right.

Another alternative is to search for locally grown garlic or if the garlic from the market is without label you can ask about its origin. You can prevent harmful chemicals to enter into the body simply by making sure of what you and others around you consume.

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