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Use Castor Oil And Baking Soda to Heal Your Body Naturally

Our ancestors have been well acquainted with the benefits which castor oil can provide for centuries now. It is truly a potent oil which can be used to treat many health problems, as many as 24 in fact! There is a plant which is 50% castor oil, and it is called ricinus communis. It offers many benefits thanks to […]

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How to Detox Your Body Through Your Feet?

Do you know of this very effective treatment – detoxing the body through the feet? Apparently, our feet have natural energy zones that are connected to important organ system. This means that you can remove your inner toxins and detox your whole body through your feet.Foot Detox PadsIt is a very simple method that can help […]

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10 Surprising Things That Control Blood Sugar Levels Naturally

Many factors affect your blood sugar levels, making your diabetes management an obstacle course. But, besides those which increase your blood sugar, some factors bring them back to normal. Sometimes, they are things you least expect, and others which are quite enjoyable. We list the most surprising, effective, and enjoyable ways to control your blood sugar […]

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16 Ways to Reduce your Blood Sugar without Medication

High levels of sugar are usually present in people whose system is not capable of transporting energy to the cells. If you go a long while without getting checked, this can lead to insulin resistance and diabetes. An estimated whopping thirty percent of all Americans are struggling with diabetes as we speak. This is why it’s important […]

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