This Is How Your Body Reacts When You Drink Lime Water Every Day

Now that the weather has become so hot (it is summer, after all), these small green wonders have more of a chance of making it to one’s shopping list.

They’re a pretty good choice for those looking to add some extra flavor to lots of different beverages and foods. But the fact that they’re refreshing isn’t the only benefit they offer.

They are packed with healthy and nutritious characteristics, which is why humans have been using them for centuries for treating all kinds of ailments.

But let us get more into detail on just what health benefits limes can offer you.

1. Can Aid in Preventing Cancer

This is all thanks to their antioxidant content, which can hinder the division of lots of cancer cells. This means limes can slow or even hinder the progression of cancer.

2. Aids in Digestion

Their aroma, to be more precise. It makes one mouth water which is the first step of digestion. But that is not the only way they aid the process. Their acids also help in breaking down the food more easily.

3. Can Treat Scurvy

Scurvy is an illness similar to a cold and can be hazardous. The disease is the result of a lack of vitamin C. This is where limes come in to the rescue, considering they are bursting with this vitamin.

4. Helps with Diabetes

This is because it can aid in the regulation of blood glucose levels thanks to their soluble fiber content. Limes also contribute to a reduction in the likelihood of sugar levels spiking in diabetics. This is thanks to their low GI.

5. Can Ease Constipation

Limes contain acid which cleanses the body of any toxins and can aid the digestive tract. Limes are also a type of natural purgative which is great for those which happen to be suffering from constipation.

6. Promotes the Health of Your Heart

The soluble fiber we mentioned previously is also of use when it comes to protecting your heart. This is because it can also lower blood pressure and cholesterol, both of which are risk factors for issues related to this organ.

It can even lower one’s chances of getting a heart attack because it reduces the pressure in one’s blood vessels.

7. Can Aid with Ulcers

Oral and peptic ulcers can be both bothersome and painful. Not to mention they can take a while to heal. That’s why limes, which are abundant in flavonoids, help protect your oral cavity from any infections.

8. Can Help with Arthritis

It turns out that limes can also help reduce inflammation! Joint pain is usually the result of too much uric acid, which is normally passed in the urine, but sometimes complications can arise.

The citric acid found in limes helps remove any uric acid buildup which in turn decreases any inflammation.

9. Good for Eye Health

Once again, the high vitamin C content of limes helps protect your eyes too! But that’s not all: due to their antioxidant properties, limes protect your eyes from infections and age-related issues.

10. Can Decrease Fever

Citric fruits which are abundant in vitamin C can even help with bringing down a fever. In fact, in quite a number of cases, patients with really high fevers have been given only lime water for bringing down their high temperatures.

11. Can Protect You Against Cholera

This is most commonly considered a deadly disease which one can catch from contaminated water or food.

And while not common in developed countries, there are many of those who have to deal with this terrible illness due to the dirty water they drink.

The good news is that, according to some studies, add lime to the contaminated water has the potential of drastically reducing one’s risk.

12. Can Clear Urinary Blockages

Any toxic substance which happens to get stuck in one’s urinary tract most often leads to painful infections. Thanks to its high potassium content, limes represent excellent natural bacteria removers.

13. Contributes to Oral Health

Each person’s mouth is in constant danger of contracting an infection or attracting an illness such as, say, gum disease. The limes, thanks to their abundant levels of vitamin C, can aid in the protection of your mouth from any threatening infections.

On the other hand, its natural antioxidants serve to promote cleanliness. There you have it. In case you weren’t much of a fan of limes, we just gave you 13 good reasons to reconsider!

As for those who already loved limes before, now they can love them even more! And yes, we are ending this on a rhyme. Stay healthy, dear readers.

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